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Fishing the warm spell

Scott Leeth

Scioto Voice Writer

A few weeks ago, in a column about early season largemouth fishing, I wrote about middle to late winter warm spells and how they were an excellent time to fish small bodies of water: tomorrow (2/7/2019) is one of those times.

With temperatures forecast to be in the low 70’s anglers should find a small lake or pond and try their luck. The current surface water running into these bodies should have warmed bays and shallow coves just enough to get bass active.

Focus on shallow areas next to deeper water; bass will not stray far from their winter holes but often can’t resist following sluggish baitfish that are drawn to the warmer waters in the pond.

A 3 inch Rapala husky jerk, or near any neutrally buoyant jerkbait, is an excellent option for these conditions. Twitch the bait once or twice, allowing it to pause a few moments before imparting action again. Fish usually strike darting baits on the pause–especially when it’s cold. Work the bait very slowly and you should have results.

Some very large bass are often caught in these conditions, and the mild temperatures should make it a nice day to be outside, just remember to pack some rain gear.

Much thanks to Bob Elliott, who turned me onto early season fishing a few years ago.


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