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First, official COVID case hits Scioto County

First, official COVID case hits Scioto County

By Bill Shope

Scoto Voice Writer  


  The COVID-19 virus has officially arrived in Scioto County.

  In an interview with Dr. MIchael Martin, The Scioto Voice learned that “The first patient tested with the return of a positive result came back, today, April 4th. The patient has been notified and has been placed in isolation. We will release further information via a press release”

  When asked if the patient was in isolation at home or at a local hospital, Martin said, “Most people, at first, have mild symptoms and are isolated at home. Isolation comes when you actually have the disease and you are required to stay at home. The patient will receive a phone call, everyday, from a nurse, from the Scioto County Health DEpartment to make sure they are doing well-if their condition has deteriorated we will notify or ask the patient  to notify (!! and let them know they have COVID so the first responder can have that information before they come to the house.”

  Martin also told The Voice, “I think we need to continue what we are doing when it comes to being responsible with social distancing and hygiene protocol. We are at the beginning point of this stage of the pandemic-continue to socially distance, not socially isolate. JUst be responsible. This is one of the reasons we are one of the last counties in Ohio to get COVID, but we can continue to always do better. We are getting reports of social institutions that are not adhering to the proposed guidelines and that needs to end. Again, be responsible and understand the effect can extend beyond just yourself.”

  Here is the press release issued immediately after The Voice’s conversation with Dr. Martin;


‘The Scioto County and Portsmouth City Health Departments are reporting the first positive case of COVID-19. At this time, we ask residents to please refrain from calling the Health Departments for questions regarding this case while we complete our disease investigation and notify relevant individuals. We urge residents not to panic. Observe the Governor’s Stay at Home Order, practice good social distancing, and frequent handwashing as this is the key to stop the virus from spreading. Grocery stores and other services will remain open and a large influx of customers would only put each of you at risk. The Ohio Department of Health updates their members on their web site daily at 2:00 p.m. at We thank you for your continued cooperation.”

  The Scioto Voice will bring you up-to-date and accurate information as it is released.


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