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New Boston discusses village improvements, stray cats

New Boston discusses village improvements, stray cats

By Derrick C. Parker

Scioto Voice Writer


The New Boston Village Council had a number of discussions last Tuesday evening. Among them were in depth discussions about proposed village improvements and a problematic number of stray cats.

“Our finances are in excellent condition,” said Village Councilman Dan Fetty. “Now it’s time to look to the future…we have a couple projects that are high priority and we’d like to see them get done because it impacts the citizens of the village and also makes it look like we are doing something good with tax money.”

The projects include installing three new fountains in Millbrook Park as well as putting water lines into the concession stands ($10,000), and to make upgrades to restrooms and flooring in both the community center and service buildings ($15,000).

Fetty made a motion to bring the proposals forward for a vote and council agreed 6-0. A second reading will be given at the next meeting.

Village Councilman Ryan Ottney then brought up the next issue: a large number of stray cats plaguing New Boston.

“I drive down the streets and they dart in front of you. You can’t even step out your door,” said Ottney. “They are everywhere…is there anything we can do about this cat issue?”

Mayor Junior Williams informed the council that enforcing laws about stray cats is difficult.

“We’ve looked at what other communities are doing before,” said Williams. “You can’t heave a leash law…we did have an ordinance, but it was nearly impossible to enforce. So much so that we did away with it after 6 months.”

New Boston has no animal control agent of its own. So enforcement becomes exceedingly difficult.

“If we go after this, I can guarantee you the defense we will hear time and time again is ‘prove the cat is mine’,” mused legal counsel Justin Blume.

“This is why I have a 6 foot privacy fenced,” laughed Mayor Williams.

Ottney also brought up a problem with vicious dogs. He said residents have contacted him who have been chased by such animals around Glenwood Road. While the village’s hands may be tied on cats, violent canines are another matter.

“During my tenure, the only person that has gone to jail in Mayor’s court was a lady whose dog  bit a child. There are things you can do,” said Blume. “Call the police.”

In the end, Ottney said he wanted to find the cats a shelter of home- safely away from the village of New Boston. Council agreed, after some discussion, and promised to reach out for solutions before the next meeting.

A representative from Strand Engineering also attended the meeting. He addressed the council, saying the New Boston waterline project was ‘running under budget and ahead of schedule’  and that it should be completed before the end of August.

Mayor Williams also proclaimed that the annual Party in the Park was scheduled for Saturday, September 28thin Millbrook Park. The event will feature the music of locals Shane Runion and the Josh Stewart Band.

The next New Boston village council meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 4that 6:30PM.

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