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OSHP to Participate in Multi-State Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Operation Involving interstates 70 and 75

COLUMBUS – Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers and motor carrier enforcement inspectors, along with members of the Great Lakes Initiative will focus on a coordinated enforcement operation. Troopers and inspectors will focus on conducting roadside level 3 inspections and traffic enforcement on interstates 70 and 75.

Level 3 inspections target driver qualifications, including proper licensing, medical certificates and hours of service. Ohio’s operation seeks to reduce commercial vehicle crashes along both interstates 70 and 75 corridors.

The initiative began on December 3 and will run through December 7. The high visibility enforcement will consist of officers from the Indiana, Illinois and Michigan state police departments.

Multi-state commercial vehicle enforcement initiatives allow for neighboring states to align their resources to collectively focus attention on safety concerns involving interstate traffic. The Patrol’s participation in these joint initiatives aims to increase the safety of those traveling on Ohio’s roads.


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