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Despite conservation pleas, Splash Pad remained open

By Wayne Allen
Scioto Voice Writer

On Thursday the Scioto County Commissioners confirmed the Splash Pad inside Earl Thomas Conley Park in West Portsmouth has remained in operation dispite a plea from the city of Portsmouth urging residents to concerve water
When asked what the status of the Splash Pad was, because officials with the city of Portsmouth were urging residents to conserve water. The water to run the Splash Pad comes from the city.
The commissioners said the water used by the splash pad is minimal because of a filtration system that essentially recycles the water used.
“We have a filtration system in which we try to recycle the water and the only thing we have to put back is what evaporates to get splashed out,” said Mike Crabtree, Chairman of the Scioto County Commissioners. “In the name of conservation, we tried to put in a system that would make the water reusable.”
Crabtree acknowledged there will be a certain amount of water that evaporates. He said with the particular filtration system the Splash Pad has is not too dependent on fresh water being pumped in.
According to, the temperatures in West Portsmouth on Thursday was anticipated to reach 83 degrees with dangerous record-breaking heat possible. The weather for the remained of the week is anticipated to be in the low 90’s.
Crabtree also acknowledged the high temperatures would cause faster evaporation, creating a need to pump fresh water to the splash pad to keep it operational.
“It’s going to be like we will have to fill it up,” Crabtree said.
Scioto County Commissioner Bryan Davis said, “it’s not like a thousand gallons, it’s not like that at all.”
When asked what it was like Davis said, “I don’t know, I know it’s not very much.”
Crabtree said the Splash Pad has a certain amount of reserve water that stays within the filtration system.
“There does not have to a constant stream of water, I think we have enough in there so it will last a while,” Crabtree said. “It should not be that much of a drain on the city.”
According to released information from Scioto County Emergency Management Agency Director Kim Carver and Portsmouth Health Commissioner Chris Smith, “Residents should continue conservation efforts throughout the day in order to allow storage tanks to fill. Some ways that residents can conserve water includes drinking bottled water, refraining from flushing lines, filling pools, watering lawns, or washing dishes and laundering until the situation has been remedied.
Decisions regarding the existing Hilltop Boil Advisory will occur Midday.
Scioto County Emergency Management Agency was advised through the Ohio Emergency Operations Center that the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) representative on scene working directly with Portsmouth Water Works Director Sam Sutherland had reported that all water customers were now back in service and that efforts were continuing to fill the water tank on Sunrise Hill. The tank was at around 17 feet of a total of 75 feet presently. Once the smaller tank is filled then the high capacity pump secured from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources will begin filling the 22 million gallon reservoir on top of Sunrise Avenue to complete the availability of water reserves for the City of Portsmouth.
The Local Fire Departments mission in support of the Southern Ohio Medical Center for hauling water in fire tankers and then pumping into the hospital system to keep water cooling and water hygiene available for keeping operations intact at the medical facility will transition to support from the State of Ohio Fire Response Plan pulling in fire tanker and pumper reserves from across the state to sustain operations through the weekend or until the hospital can be brought back online to the City Water System.
EPA reported that if no more water breaks occur and if all water tests come back good then the majority of folks impacted by low or no water pressure should see boil orders lifted sometime later today or tomorrow. Monitor updates on the Boil Orders in place by health officials throughout today. Another update will be provided by city officials midday.”

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